About OMC

KILANG AMANG ONN SDN BHD ONN MINERAL COMPANY [OMC], Kampar, Malaysia is an established mineral processing industry in existence for four [04] decades, licensed for purchasing, smelting or treating the mineral ores like Garnet, Tin, Rutile, Zircon, Ilmenite, etc.,

Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Company Pvt Ltd., (IOGS) Tuticorin, India, having about 35 years of experience in mining and separation of heavy minerals in south east coast of Tamil Nadu state, India, was a pioneer in setting up the first mineral separation plant in private sector in South India. IOGS has its presence countries across the world in marketing IOGS Garnet.

IOGS along with its group company took over KILANG AMANG ONN SDN BHD ONN MINERAL COMPANY., [OMC] Malaysia by investing USD. 8,00,000. At the time of acquiring, the company had a raw material feed stock in excess of 40,000 MTs, OMC procure the raw material from the world’s best & promising sources in Australia, South Africa and also from reputed companies in Malaysia. KILANG AMANG ONN SDN BHD ONN MINERAL COMPANY., [OMC] also invested further for the up gradation of the industry.

Thanks to the three decade experience and technical expertise of IOGS, OMC upgraded the plant with the "State-of-Art" machinery with current installed capacity to produce 50,000 MTs of Heavy Minerals namely Garnet, Tin, Rutile, Zircon & Ilmenite. The company's turnover is estimated @ USD. 6.0 million/annum.