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As per the customer requirement

The final products are packed based on customer requirements using world class automatic filling & packaging equipments, to ensure the quality packing and accurate weight.
The current packing modes are as below,

    • 1 Metric Ton & 2 Metric Ton HDPE Jumbo Bags
    •25kg & 50kg PP / Paper Bags

The packed products are stacked in a secured warehouse within the factory premises to ensure clean and safe storage.


inbound logistics and outbound logistics

OMC has in house resources to meet annual capacity of 12,000 metric tones for both inbound logistics and outbound logistics. Mobile ramp, forklifts and trucks are deployed for outbound logistics so as to ensure the product is loaded in clean and safe condition.

Port Klang, the largest port in the country is located in a distance of 200 kms from the processing plant at Kampar. Port Klang ranked as one of the busiest container port, comprises dedicated multipurpose port facilities and services which help shipments to be effected on time so as to meet the customers’ delivery schedule.